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We have the Best Double Layer Postive Thermal and UV CTP plate in the market used by the top brand presses manufacturers in the world.
Toghether with our brand plate we also provide the chemistry needed to process our plates. We sale the plate developer and replenisher chemistry as well as the gum used in our plate processors also provided and supported by our technical staff. After sales installation, calibration and training is provided in all our line of products. Our engineers will help you to install our processors and plate handling devices as plate stackers, benders. etc. and carry out the plate calibration and adjustment in your CTP or CTCP device ajusting the laser power and other focus and imaging settings for best resuls in your press, all this is included as you become one of our exclusive customers.


Topdot Tango HD-TH

Plate type* Postive thermal plate (laser removes the background)
Wave lenght* 830 nm
Sensitivity* 120-140 mJ/cm2
Resolution* 1% ~ 99% a 200 lpp
Safe light* Unpack it under day light or yellow light and the plate making operation should avoid high light.
Run lenght* 50.000 impressions with UV ink up to 300.000 impressions with standard ink


Topdot Tango HD-UV (CTcP)

Plate type* CTcP Conventional CTP (UV) Printing Plate
Wave lenght* 400-430 nm
Sensitivity* 45-55 mj/cm2
Resolution* 1-99%@200lpi (2400dpi)
Run lenght* Normal Ink 50,000 copies, 150,000 to 250,000 copies post baked. Actual run length varies depending upon press/paper/ink conditions.


Plate Developer Chemistry and Gum

We also provide the rest of the Consumables in the pre press room as Plate developer and gum in a liquid ready to use version and also in a powder version to reduce shipping costs only add water. Gum also comes in concentrate version just to add water to be used on the plate processor.

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